The Spring Bee is Buzzing...The Spring Bee is Buzzing...Spring Bee is Buzzing...
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AWESOME Prizes in our Prize Kitty!

Earn Prize Entries for a Chance to WIN!
*No purchase required to enter - Entries without an order must be present to win

Earn Prize Entries in 3 Fun and Easy Ways:
  •  Place an Order with any Spring Fling 2009 Vendor - Must send order confirmation to for verification.
  •  Participate in the Daily Activity Game - must submit correct form.
  •  Earn points for collecting flowers - details below on this page...

Check Your Flower Basket Points

Flower Basket Collect a Basket of Flowers! Flower Basket

Click Here to get your Basket
Or Submit Daily Attendance

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Use the link above to send your information and get your basket. If you were invited by somebody, please make sure to tell us who, so they get their flower. Chatty Chipmunk is wanting to learn more about online party gaming. Maybe, if you tell him about your favorite party game (Not Bingo or word scramble) and give him all the details on how it's played he'll reward you with...
A Special Flower - JUST FOR YOU...
Chatty Chipmunk has a Flower just for you...
Use the guide below to start collecting a variety of beautiful spring flowers.
Once you have a basket full of flowers - you'll get a prize drawing entry.
6 Flowers of any kind equals Full Basket, Basket of Flowers
So, if you were smart and helped Chatty out - you only need 4 more for a prize entry. You MUST have a basket BEFORE you can earn flowers - so get your basket NOW!

  1. Basket Sign up - Required equals  Basket
  2. Chatty's Special Flower equals  Special Flower
Daily Attendence equals  Poppies
  4. Invite a guest to the party equals  
Guest must stay for longer than a few min.
  5. Your guest places an order equals  White Ginger

  6. Sign up for our Newsletter equals Daisy 
  7. Newsletter sign up referral equals  Zenia
  8. Participate in Activity Hour equals  Tulip
  9. 1st Place for Activity Hour equals  Violets
10. 2nd Place for Activity Hour equals  Iris
Blooming Fun at Under The Rainbow Celebrations!

Flower Basket Records
Earn Chances to WIN PRIZES!

Blooming Fun at Under The Rainbow Celebrations!
Bonnie Bennett Wed - BasketSpecial FlowerPoppiesTulipViolets
Fri - PoppiesTulipIrisBasket of Flowers
Mon -PoppiesTulipViolets
Cindy Phillips Wed -
Fri - BasketPoppiesTulip
Mon -Poppies
Cindy Powers Wed - BasketPoppies
Fri -
Mon -
Dee Smith Wed - BasketPoppiesTulipIris
Fri -
Mon -
Jan Johnson Wed -
Fri - BasketPoppies
Mon -
Julene Jefferson Wed - BasketPoppies
Fri -
Mon -PoppiesTulip
Linda Thornton Wed -
Fri - BasketPoppies
Mon -Poppies
LeeAnne Morrison Wed - BasketPoppies
Fri -
Mon -
Marsha Seiberling Wed - BasketSpecial FlowerPoppiesTulip
Fri - PoppiesTulipVioletsBasket of Flowers
Mon -PoppiesTulipIris
Mary Wilkinson Wed -
Fri -
Mon - BasketPoppies