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Under the Rainbow Spring Fling
Spring Fling 2013
April 3rd, 4th & 5th

Vendor Information
Spring Fling, Online Vendor Event
* Early Bird Discounts through March 15th !! *
We will not accept ANY Vendors after Sunday, March 30th, regardless of spots available.
We cannot do last minute sign ups and still give you the service that you're paying for, so we've decided to no longer do them.

Welcome Crafters and Direct Sales Vendors!
Thank you for showing interest in participating in our Spring Fling Celebration. We hope you'll decide to join us. Early Bird Sign up is ONLY $5 for a 1 hour slot! Free Vendor Table with a daily prize donation, Inclusion of your site and company in our daily activities with a donation to the Mystery Spring Basket prize, Vendor Bonuses and more...

*Early Bird Sign up & discounts end @ midnight CST 03/15/13!
All sign ups after the Early Bird deadline will be $8 per spot and full ad fees

Daily Prize Donations (Optional): We have 2 drawings per scheduled day for prizes to help encourage orders and participation of guests. You'll get a FREE Vendor Table that will be displayed on our Vendor Table page as well as next to the chat room for donating a prize to help us help you get more orders.

Spring Basket Grand Prize (Optional): Include your site and company in our Daily Activities by donating to The Mystery Spring Basket. Donations should be a small spring or Easter oriented type gift and mailed to the address below . Your donation must be received prior to your site being included in the hunts and trivia activities (to be announced). All donations will be put together for a Grand Prize Winner that consist of all orders from the entire Celebration.
* Deadline for grand prize donations to be received: April 2, 2013 *

           Under The Rainbow
           Attn: Spring Fling
           403 Jefferson St
           New Boston, IL 61272

Free Inclusion in Vendor Daily Specials (Optional): Guests get extra credit and rewards for ordering items listed on our Daily Vendor Specials page. Regardless of your spot day - you may list a Vendor special on our Daily Specials page every day! You can have a different special each day of the event, or leave it the same - We can add paypal buttons for you, direct them to your site or give them your e-mail for orders - your choice. But we must have your specails details and pictures in plenty of time to have the pages ready, so make sure to send them to us in time to get listed * Deadline for specials inclusion: April 2, 2013 *

*We reserve the right to deny applications for any reason with full refund.

To Apply: You must agree to our Vendor Terms - click to view
Send payment: Using the Cart Button(s) below: Do not close window after payment, you will be re-directed to our Application form from the payment page. We must have your application before we can process, accept and reserve your spot, no exceptions.
‡ Spot Limit: ONLY 2 Spots per Vendor - you do not need a spot each day, we promote all Vendors every day and allow Vendor introductions where time allows - you may combine companies for your spots, as needed.

1 Vendor Slot Only: $4
2 Month Random Ad Only: $2.50
2 Month Home Ad Only: $5

Send Application: Once you've made payment, you will be re-directed back to our Vendor Application, so do not close the page till you've sent the form. Simply fill in the information and submit the form. The form will contain the following and all areas must be filled out - if you don't yet know what your specials are put TBA, etc. We will be doing a variety of games, some may include hunts on vendor sites for certain items and Trivia Games about Vendor sites of the day. Please make sure to let us know if you can add a picture to your site in order to include your site in any hunts.

Please check our schedule pages for available time slots: All spots are First Come, First Serve Basis!

You are Required to Promote the Event: Invite all of your lists, promote our event on your sites, and/or in your e-mail signature. Below is both a 125x125 and a 115x115 Button for promotion. We will send out pre-written invitations that can be used, or write your own - but invite as many as you can. We will list both Vendor Referral Invitations and Guest Invitations for your use on this page - so make sure to bookmark this page for later reference to important Vendor information.

Vendor Ads for promoting - You get a gold bonus coin for every Vendor Referral to chalk up to great rewards!
     — Early Bird Vendor Ad: Simply copy & paste or modify it for your own personalization - Click Here to View

Spring Fling Button & Banner Links for promoting:
Under The Rainbow Back-to-School Celebration HTML code 125x125 Button:
<DIV><A href="http://www.online-craft-show.com/SpringFling/"><IMG src="http://www.online-craft-show.com/pics/SpringFling/springfling125.gif" alt="Under The Rainbow Spring Fling!" target="_blank" border="0"></A></DIV>
Under The Rainbow Back-to-School Celebration HTML code 115x115 Button:
<DIV><A href="http://www.online-craft-show.com/SpringFling/"><IMG src="http://www.online-craft-show.com/pics/SpringFling/springfling_115.gif" alt="Under The Rainbow Spring Fling!" target="_blank" border="0"></A></DIV>

We hope you'll join us to help increase your sales and help us Celebrate the coming of Spring!
***Please make sure to invite everybody you know to our event***

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