Want to WIN Great Prizes from the Prize Kitty?
*No purchase required to win - Entries without an order must be present to win*

Earn Prize Entries in 3 Fun and Easy Ways!
  1. Place an Order with any Celebration Vendor:           
    Must send order confirmation for entry to Celebrations@undertherainbow.us
  2. Participate in the Daily Activity Games:
    must submit correct emtry forms within the game rules.
  3. Cupid Heart Contest - details below on this page...

Check Out the Prize Kitty!

Under The Rainbow holds 2 prize drawings each event day:
1. Right after Activity Hour - 5pm CST
2. At the end of each day - 9pm CST  
*Prize entries without orders MUST be present to win
All Orders stay in the drawing until drawn or the end of the event. Non-order entries get pulled at the end of each day.
Mystery Grand Prize drawing is held at the end of the event - Consists of multiple gifts from several Vendors.

Cupid Needs Your Help!!!

Something has gone awry in the land of love! Cupid's arrows are no longer good enough for today's civilization and society. The world of romance requires more work than the days of old - And you can help! First, you'll need to help cupid get their attention. Next get ready for some old fashioned seranading - yes you read that right - we want you to croon. Then to make sure the arrow can penetrate our target - you'll need to shower them with gifts of Love. After you've done all of that, then Cupid will finish them off with a swift piercing love arrow. If all goes well - Love will bloom where the arrow pierces the heart.

How can you help unlock the hearts of the world for Cupid?
Take a look below and start collecting - 6 is the Magic Number of Love!
Attention getters to get their attention, Serenade for Cupid, to help win their heart, then reel them in with a gift of love. You'll get an extra prize drawing entry for each 6 Romantic Helpers that you earn. *You must have at least 1 item from 2 different categories:
Points are accumulative till the end of the Sweetheart Celebration - so make sure you come every day.
Attention Getters:

Attendence Candy  equals   Daily Attendence Candy
— Must submit daily attendence form.
— Must stay 30 minutes or more.

Timeliness Rose  equals   Timeliness Rose Bonus
— Must be on time - 1st hour of day
— Must be marked on daily attendence
Serenade for Cupid:

Guest -  equals   Sing to the World
— Invite a guest to the party
— Must fill out attendence form
— Must stay 30 minutes or more

Fun & Games  equals   Fun & Games
— Must submit correct activity form
— Available ONLY during activity hour
*Please see activity rules for each day

 equals   Dancing up a storm
— Your guest invites a guest
— Guests must submit attendence form
— Must stay 30 minutes or more

 equals   Gourmet Chef of Love
— Your guest places an order
— Guest must send order confirmation

Gifts of Love:
Timeliness Rose  equals   Daily Specials Star
— Order an item from our Daily Specials
— Must send order confirmation verification
Timeliness Rose  equals   Gifts of Love cost more
— You place order with Vendor of $20+
— Must send order confirmation verification

Activity 1st Place  equals   Activity Hour - 1st Place
The gift of jewelry is awarded for:
— 1st correct Daily Activity entry
*Please see activity rules for each day.

Activity 2nd Place  equals   Activity Hour - 2nd Place
The gift of chocolates is awarded for:
— 2nd correct Daily Activity entry
*Please see activity rules for each day.

Prize Drawing Entry  equals   An Arrow Pierces a Heart!
— Must have 6 accumulative Helper Rewards
Prize Drawing Entry has been earned!

Get Ready to Help Unlock those Hearts!

Cupid is getting his bow and arrow ready...

Get started with your Daily Attendence - CLICK HERE

Check Your Cupid Helper Rewards Below:
Guest Name Cupid Helper Rewards - See how your love is adding up...
Bonnie Benett Thursday/ Timeliness RoseAttendence Candy

Friday /
Marsha Cooper Thursday/ Timeliness RoseAttendence Candy

Friday /
Sherry McGovern Thursday/ Timeliness RoseAttendence Candy

Friday / Timeliness RoseAttendence Candy
Guest Name Thursday/
Friday /

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